To understand the level of efficiency of your existing workplace, we always start with a basic question; How does your business work?

We are usually so busy immersing ourselves in day-to-day duties such as cash flow calculations, generation of new business or service after-care that we often forget to look out for any flash points in the current workflow of our company.

Small office improvements mixed with an in-depth review of the internal structure of your company can generate a remarkable improvement in the performance of your teams and individuals.

It is easy to follow the trends of standardised open plan office lay outs, however, each business has its own requirements. Analysing the nature of your business together with your internal procedures would help define the most suitable office structure for your company.

•   Communication protocol – Who requires an improved free flow of communication?

•   Interrelation between teams/individuals – Internal affairs and inter-dependant tasks

•   Collaborative environment vs task focused environment – Creative process or attention to detail required?

•   Space distribution – Open plan, private offices, team space, shared offices…

•   Privacy Policy/ Protection of Data

It is key for a business to analyse the internal requirements to enhance productivity whilst creating a comfortable and healthy workplace, as it has been proven that an attractive office environment has important repercussions on the performance of each team member.

Modifications, such as choosing the right lighting solution or colour scheme for your office, are some of the simplest ways your environment can help improve the performance of your staff.

There are a number of studies showing how different colours and lighting levels can cause a variety of psychological effects. For example, the exposure to blue and green has been shown to increase the performance of new idea generation, whereas exposure to the colour red helps to enhance the performance of a task which requires a high level of attention to detail.

Additionally, different lighting levels have also been proven to increase creativity whilst brighter light levels help to strengthen analytical and evaluative thinking.

The implementation of a ´clear desk´ policy can lead into a more organised and efficient office environment, inspiring employees to maintain order in every task they perform.

It is also important to pay great attention to the well-being of the employees; Comfortable and attractive spaces promote a sense of pride to each team member, where they feel part of a community working together towards the same goal.

If you require any assistance with your current workspace, please feel free to contact us, we will be delighted to help.